Our process

We develop digital brands.
We show people how to manage them.

For a brand identity to be successful, it has to be clear. Every element of the brand has to speak with the same voice. Every colour, shape, word and idea has to synchronise with, and complement, the next.

Large creative agencies have designers, art directors, resources, and large offices. They also have pricing that falls out of the reach of small and medium sized businesses. Hiring freelance creatives independently (designers, photographers and copywriters) can be more affordable, but unless they are all working together, the execution of the branding can be less cohesive.

Our aim is to make a fully realized, cohesive identity for our clients at a fraction of the cost of working with a larger agency. We do this by taking on one major project at a time and working directly with our clients throughout the entire process. We don’t have secretaries, interns and large offices. Instead, we spend our energy and your resources on completing a successful project for you. Fewer departments, less staff, less emails and a smaller bill.

This approach also allows our clients to tailor the service we deliver to their needs and budget. Already have a website but are low on content? No problem, we offer full photo and video services. Lots of photos but no web presence or identity? We’ll consult with you about developing a clear voice for your brand and make sure that the visual language speaks to your identity when we get you online.